‘Hygiene and Sanitation: My Priority’, said Urmila Tamang

Lachyang is a village in Suryagadi Rural Municipality with road access in non-monsoon season, drinking water facility, health services and primary schools. People are mostly engaged in agriculture in this area and had normal rural life until the April 25, 2015 massive earthquake hit their life. Earthquake destroyed their houses, latrines and damaged the water systems in their community. As a result Lachyang people were forced to live in a temporary shelters and due to damaged water systems and broken latrines they were in high risk to suffer from water borne diseases and communicable diseases.

On 15th September, 2017 CarNetNepal in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse Nepal has organized two events on “Community Hygiene and Sanitation’ between 84 community members (Male: 52 and Female: 32) at Lachyang, Suryagadi-1, Nuwakot. The training was facilitated by Saraswoti Poudel, Health Post Incharge of Lachyang, Nuwakot. During the training the community members were taught on safe sanitation practices to prevent themselves from hazards and epidemics caused by lack of personal and community hygiene maintenance.

28 year old, Urmila Tamang from Lachyang, is one of the trainee of the program. In her family there are four members including her husband and two small children. Her family is completely dependent on farming for their livelihood. They have a buffalo and few hens in their house. “We have been living a normal life before the earthquake. But after the earthquake, our life was shattered. Our house, animal shed, latrine were destroyed, animals were killed, we were forced to live in the temporary shelter and due to the damaged community water supply system we were obtained to drink impure water as well.” Urmila says. Due to the insanitary conditions including Urmila, her other family and community members were suffered from viral water borne diseases like: diarrhea, cholera etc.

Urmila said that it was her first time to participate in any kind of Hygiene and Sanitation training. She is overwhelmed by the opportunity CarNetNepal has provided to her to learned about personal and community hygiene and sanitation management.

During the training trainee were trained on the 6 steps of handwashing, water purification methods, balance diet, safe disposal of human excreta etc. “Before the training I was not much aware about the importance of maintaining hygiene and sanitation. Though I have the sanitation kits in my house, I don’t know the proper use of them. But after the training I am aware about their utilization and the cons of being unhygienic.” she says.

Urmila expressed her happiness of having such an opportunity to learn these things of prior importance in her life and is committed to practice them and taught others about the importance of being hygiene for the betterment of her community.

In January, 2017 CarNetNepal and Samaritan’s Purse Nepal have reached Lachynag and offered help by taking responsibility of rehabilitating two water system (Khajung Muhan & Bulbule Muhan) of Lachayng. Since then CarNetNepal has formed and trained two Water Users Committee (WUC) committee on water system rehabilitation and other hygiene and sanitation issues. CarNetNepal is planning to complete and handover the both Water System Rehabilitation in December, 2017 to the community members of Lachyang.