Creating Child Friendly Environment in Home

35 years old, Indira Khatiwada is a residence of Tindhare, Nuwakot. She has two daughters and a son. Her husband works in gulf country as a labor. Her husband does not earn much. Due to their poor economic condition Indira has admitted her daughters Anuska Khatiwada (age 8) and Anjali Khatiwad (age-10) in government school. Anuska study in grade 2 and Anjali in grade 5. Her son (age 3) is younger in the family and stays with her in home.

Both Anuska and Anjali are the students of Nuwakot AG Child Learning Center (CLC). Nuwakot AG CLC is running in Nuwakot by CarNetNepal in partnership with Nuwakot AG Church. “I heard from my friends that Nuwakot AG CLC is supporting poor children with educational materials and running free tuitions. As I was facing problem to support my daughters for their studies, I started to send them to the CLC” Says Indira.

In October 16, CarNetNepal has organized a ‘Parenting’ training in Nuwakto AG CLC for the CLC student’s parents. Indira is one of the trainee parents. During the training the participants were taught on creating child friendly environment in home, children right to education, hygiene and sanitation. The training encourage parents to send their children regularly in schools to minimize the possible risk of trafficking and vulnerability.

“I used to scold my children and sometime punished them if they don’t complete their homework or if they don’t obey my rules. I never think to go to my daughter’s school and talk with their teachers about their progress in studies. The training made me realized how wrong I was for not taking my children study seriously. After the training I started to control my anger and give up my habit of punishing my children, instead if they do anything wrong I sit with them and make them realize where they are wrong and show them the right way to correct their mistake. ” says Indira.

Indira is on her way to creating a child friendly space in her home. Now as much as possible, Indira love to spend time with her children and listen their day activities. She realizes that without giving punishment also she could put her children into the right path and can become their friends, whom they could share their secrets. Indira is planning to visit her daughter’s school and get update about her daughter’s studies soon.

“I am grateful to CarNetNepal and Nuwakot AG CLC, who made me realize the importance of child friendly environment in home for the holistic development of my children. I am committed to create one” says Indira.