Distribution of Stationery to Children in Nuwakot

Mangaladevi school student’s with their stationary materials.

On November 9 and 10, CarNetNepal has distributed school stationeries to 95 children’s (89 Girls and 6 Boys) of Nuwakot. These children’s are from poor economic, vulnerable and marginalized communities of Nuwkaot.

39 students from Bachhala Secondary School, 8 students from Sagar Kunda Primary School, 2 students from Shikharbesi Primary School, 26 students from Mangaladevi Lower Secondary School and 20 students from Kalika Secondary School have received stationery supplies such as pen, pencil and notebooks from CarNetNepal.

This program mainly focused on to promote girl education and to protect girl child from the vulnerability of being trafficked, exploitation and early marriage. Kamal Bahadur Lamichhane, Assistant Headmaster of Mangaladevi Lower Secondary School said, “We have past records of our girl children being drop out from the school in absence of educational materials and later have done early marriage. This kind of support to the our girls has encouraged them to pursue their study seriously and helping them from situation of vulnerability.”

CarNetNepal is planning to distribute bags and school uniforms to these children in December and other educational supports in future.