Good Treatment Campaign in Nuwakot

CarNetNepal Cluster Manager Purushottam Dotel with the GTC training trainees.

On 10th April, CarNetNepal has conducted ‘Good Treatment Campaign’ (GTC) training for it’s 20 networking partners in Battar, Nuwakot. CarNetNepal Nuwakot Cluster Manager- Purushottam Dotel facilitated the training and trained the trainee on how to conduct GTC in their community to create a better and safe environment for the children.

“Good Treatment Campaign desire to see children not only treated well by the adults around them, but also for the children themselves to be aware of how they should be treated and to actively ensure their own good treatment.” says Dotel. CarNetNepal has translated, designed and printed 1500 pieces of GTC commitment card for the adults. By signing this card they show their commitment to treat children well.

In April and May, the trainee networking partners have run GTC in Nuwakot. During this campaign 223 children are mobilized. Each children reach 3 to 5 adults with the GTC commitment card, taught the adults about it and have taken their commitment to treat them well. According to Dotel- Children are mobilized to run the campaign as a way of children learning how to expect to be treated and enabling them to share these messages with others in their community.

By the end of May 724 adults have committed to protect the child rights and treat children well with this campaign.