Hundreds of People Get Awareness on Human Trafficking

SANI Anti- Human Trafficking training participants with facilitator Ishwori Senchuri (2nd row in middle in red clothes).

CarNetNepal conducted ‘Anti- Human Trafficking’ (AHT) awareness’ campaign in various part of Nuwakot in April and May. CarNetNepal mobilize its 20 local networking partners to raise awareness on human trafficking. to the locals of Nuwakot.

The AHT awareness campaign aims to protect the children from Human Trafficking recruiters and being exploited through awareness and Education by using the Daughters Toolkit to engage in interactive discussion around child protection from trafficking recruiters with families, children and community leaders.

On 11th April, CarNetNepal has conducted ‘Anti- Human Trafficking Awareness’ training between it’s 20 networking partners in Bidur-3, Battar, Nuwakot. The training was facilitated by Ishwori Senchuri- Project Assistant of Bethany Vision Nepal. During training the networking partners were trained on the nature of human trafficking in today’s society, techniques to use ‘SANI’, anti-human trafficking awareness toolkit in community and assist them in preparing action plan of the Anti- Human Trafficking Awareness campaign.

These network partners are mobilizing to aware other people of their community to raise awareness on human trafficking and conduct discussion on how to protect their children from the traffickers. With this anti-human trafficking awareness program, we are planning to reach more than 1500 community people of Nuwakot.

CarNetNepal hopes to create a safe community for children in Nuwakot with this program.