Kiran’s Journey from Introvert to Extrovert

14-year-old Kiran Tamang is a grade 8 student. He lives with his parents and four other siblings in Chilaune Gaun-2, Ralukadevi, Nuwakot. Kiran is the Secretary of Ralukadevi Child Club reformed by CarNetNepal in Poush, 2074. Before his involvement in the Child Club Kiran used to be a shy boy. According to his teacher, he never showed any interest to take lead in classroom activities. He used to stay quiet and speaks only with his close fellow classmates. His teachers and friend’s believed he is an introvert but after Kiran’s association with the Child Club, the story has changed.

After Kiran was selected for the Child Club Secretary, he started to spend his extra hour in trainings and other activities conducted by the Child Clubs. In the Child Club, Kiran had the opportunities to train on Child Rights, Child Abuse, Child Protection etc. With his fellow Child Club members, he was assigned to raise awareness on Child Physical & Sexual abuse to other students. After days of practice with his Child Club friends, he boost his confidence up and able conduct awareness program between other students of his school. In Falgun, 2074 Kiran and his Child Club friends are able to trained 204 students on Child physical and sexual abuse through GTBT toolkit.

According to Kiran, his responsibility in the Child Club and trainings on various social topics have raised his confidence level up and replace his shyness with boldness. Now he is open to talk on any issues of social concern with his friends and family. The transformation in Kiran from an introvert to extrovert person has taken as a positive impact of Child Club by his parents, teachers and his fellow classmates.