‘Reshaping Smriti Life with CLC’

7 years old Smriti Aryal is from Makwanpur district. She is now living with her maternal Grandfather and Grandmother in Bidur-06, Nuwakot. Grade one student of Shree Chwadi Secondary School, Smriti family depends on traditional agricultural farming. Due to her family poor economic condition her mother left her under the care of her grandparents.

Smriti grandparents are very old and they themselves depend on their son’s, who are not staying with them but support them sometime. Smriti grandparents are uneducated and they don’t know how to teach Smriti. Due to their poor economic condition they are unable to support her educational materials as well. That’s why Smriti is irregular in school and show less interest in her studies.

Smriti uncle is one of the committee members of New Vision CLC and he convince Smriti grand parents’ to send her to the CLC, so she could have better education. In the beginning her grandparents send to the CLC knowing she could get the stationary materials but slowly they felt that the CLC is not just about having stationary materials but also about encouraging children to be regular in school and providing guidance in doing their homework and about capacity building by involving them in extra curriculum activities.

Smriti Grandfather said, “Due to our economic problem, we couldn’t provide stationery materials to Smriti on time and that’s why she used to get punishment from the school for not doing homework. Her teacher complain that she is lazy and sleeps during class. But now after her involvement in CLC, we have not heard any complain from school yet. We are really happy and thankful to New Vision CLC and CarNetNepal.”

CLC teacher teaches her with love, respect and creating a child-friendly environment, now transformation is taking place in her life. She started to do her homework and goes to school regularly.