Ray of Hope amid Covid Pandemic

Ms. Selina Mijar, age 12 lives in Bidur-5, Majhitar. Bidur  is the capital of Nuwakot District in Bagmati Pradesh of Nepal. It takes 3.5 hrs to reach there from Kathmandu in a vehicle. Selina lives with her elder sister.  She is studying in grade III in local school. A tragic incident happened on her family, two years ago, her first elder sister committed suicide.  The incident strongly affected her mother, causing loss of mental state and left home to Kathmandu.  Still there is no any contact and information of her mother.  Meanwhile Selina’s father married another woman, who illtreated her.  After few months the both parents (her father and stepmother) left home.  Thus, leaving, Salina and her second elder sister in pitiful situation.  Till this time the parents do not come to home and take cares for them.

Selina is suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and sometimes with hallucination.  So, previously she had tried  to commit suicide many times. Sabina and her sister are living very harsh lives, to earn bread, her sister goes for working on other’s field in cultivation (only seasonal).  Selina’s behavior was quite difficult, not staying at home, running and roaming around due to the stress disorder.  According to Selina, both sisters sometimes used to beg for food.  And during the lock-down of covid-19, their situation became even worse, staying few days with empty stomach.  While begging for food house to house, people scold them, that they might transmit coronavirus.

Knowing their difficult situation from community members, CarNetNepal  on June 27, 2020 supported Sabina with food and personal hygiene materials along with her school uniform, books and stationaries. According to Sabina this support is like a ray of hope for them amid covid pandemic. This support will not only address their acute food need but helping her to pursue her studies.  Selina and her sister are happy to receive all these materials and expressed their gratitude to Samaritan’s Purse Canada and CarNetNepal for the support.

(For Selina case, CarNetNepal has contacted with one of the  NGO- ECTC for her psycho-social support, however due to the travel restriction, personally social support is difficult, still we are trying to arrange for distance support. Selina needs more support in coming days. If  you are interested to help her please contact us.)

Supported Relief Materials list

Items Type/Unit Qty
Rice Kg 25
Lentils Kg 1
Oil Ltr 1
Salt Pkt 1
Beaten Rice Kg 1
Soya Bean gram 300
Hand Wash Soap Pcs 2
Toothpaste Pcs 1
Sanitary Pad Pcs 2
Copy Pcs 36
Pen Pcs 31
School Uniform (Shirt, Pant) Set 1

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